Mission, Vision, & Values

We are a grassroots collaborative of people of faith organizing to reduce the harm caused by our immigration system. We are all impacted, either directly or indirectly, by this system, and we share a vision of a community where all people can be free and safe, regardless of papers or status.


What we do: 

  • We accompany people held in immigrant detention in our region, including letter-writing, phone calls, and commissary fundraising.

  • We educate our communities about immigration issues.

  • We accompany people as requested, including court appearances, letters of support, grassroots fundraising, and other advocacy on behalf of our community members. 

  • We take action in response to requests of those in need of support and their representatives, including lawyers and advocates. We work closely with others providing direct support in the immigrant community.  

  • We host large community events to educate and connect, such as Immigration 101 forums and bilingual multifaith services. 

  • We organize and advocate for just immigration laws. 



As people of faith, we honor the sacred connection among all people, and envision a world where we welcome each other with open arms. We believe no human being is illegal, and we envision a society that reflects this reality. We pray for all of us to have a safe place to call home. 



We honor people’s dignity and choices. 

We seek to defeat injustice, not people. 

We acknowledge the impact of racism in our immigration system and in ourselves. 

We choose courage and trust in the face of messiness, confusion, and discomfort. 

We fight for each other as family, because we are. 

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