Current Projects

Divestment Campaign
Faith Leader delegation to Wells Fargo.J

Nationwide, over 50,000 immigrants are detained in ICE detention centers - the highest number in this country’s history. Over 70% are detained in for-profit prisons.


Private prisons center profit over human life, have documented abuses of human rights, and have even had numerous preventable deaths of immigrants happen on their watch. Many private prisons pay those who are incarcerated $1 a day to do hard labor, while charging exorbitant rates for basic services such as phone calls and toilet paper. This has caused many to see private prisons as a sinister form of modern slavery. 

Private prisons need support from investment funds, pensions, and banks in order to operate their business. We are part of a national movement to divest from private prisons and put pressure on this immoral business model.


You can learn more about how to get involved in our local campaign on our resources page, as well as read more about this issue. 

Cibola Release Project

Supporting transgender women seeking asylum and detained at Cibola County Correctional Center continues to be one of our core priorities. The specifics have changed over time as policies have changed, and also as our partners have needed different types of support for their work.


Currently we are doing letter writing, raising money for commissary accounts, and also doing a backpack drive for when the women are released. We are sponsoring a “Backpack and Gift Card Drive” from October 14 - November 21 2019.  More information here.

Bilingual, Multi-faith
Worship Service

We are excited to host our second bilingual multi-faith healing service to celebrate the dignity, humanity, and belovedness of immigrant communities living in Northern New Mexico, while also honoring the struggle, sacrifice, and oppression that continue through a broken immigration system.

Uplifting music, prayer, and stories by immigrants of struggle and empowerment will be shared. Faith leaders from Buddhist, Catholic, Native, Jewish, Protestant, Sikh, Sufi, and other traditions will share prayers and help bring our community together in solidarity, friendship, healing, and peace. 

Our second multifaith worship service is tentatively scheduled for May 2020. Stay tuned! 

Legislative Advocacy


We collaborate with community partners to support pro-immigrant legislation at the state and local levels. During the legislative session, we have a legislative team that keeps us all up to date on the bills we are supporting and how they are doing. We also respond to legislative alerts from our partners like Somos Un Pueblo Unido and encourage our members to attend as many hearings as we can. 

Somos/ACLU Campaign

A new study shows a patchwork of practices across the state that result in unequal treatment, as well as state and local taxes spent on federal immigration enforcement without any accountability. This should be unacceptable and can be remedied with local action.

The ACLU of New Mexico and Somos Un Pueblo Unido are launching a campaign to strengthen long term protections for NM immigrant families through state and local government policy and practice. The Faith Network is proud to be a community co-sponsor for this important campaign. 



Donate to #ShareMyCheck Santa Fe

The Faith Network for Immigrant Justice is working with Santa Fe Mutual Aid to encourage those who feel so inspired to donate their government refund to those who need it.

Statewide Legislative Network Committee

The committee is working to create a statewide network of members of faith communities, and their allies, who will advocate for immigrant rights and the end to private prisons in NM, with political candidates, and NM legislators, and the Governor, particularly focused on the 2021 legislative session. To sign up for the network’s email list, send an email to with your name and faith affiliation (if any).


If you are interested in volunteering for any of these efforts please sign up here and someone will contact you: VOLUNTEER SIGN UP